Green Competence

With our attitude "Green Competence" we are active in conserving natural resources by using high-quality 100 % recycled fibrous material. We now ofter adequate and eco-friendly solutions for a great variety of products that could only be made of virgin fibres in the past.

In our production processes sustainability means above all minimizing the amount of fresh water required through fightly closed circuits, the reduction of energy input through systematic energy management and the reutilization of scrap material arising.

We realize our sustainability objectives by continuously and verifiably improving our environmental performance in compliance with the EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme of the European Union) framework. These improvements are regularly controlled by independent external experts. Internally, we use our corporate management system which has been certified several times.

Advantages of recycled paper

As a result, it has a minimal effect on greenhouse gases and acidying emissions.

Since the year 2000 the Federal German Environmental Agency has explicitely recommended the use of recycled paper.

"A higher proportion of recovered paper involves a positive impact on the environment"
(Federal German Environmental Agency)

"Recycled paper is ecologically unbeatable"
(IFEU, 2006)