As a family business founded in 1875, we have operated a paper factory at Kirchhundem-Hofolpe since the end of the 19th century. All the shares in the business are held by members of the Grünewald family. In the fourth generation the enterprise is still headed by a member of the family.

The heart of our company is formed by the more than 100 employees of Grünewald Paper, nearly all of them being locals. All employees have a strong affection for paper. They identify with company and its products to a high degree. This is also reflected by the fact that on average each employee has worked for the company for more than 20 years. Apart from the owner family many other local families have belonged to Grünewald for generation.

Thus the majority of our employees trained in our enterprise and more than half of them possess a qualification as paper technologist, master industrial papermaker or paper engineer.

Our corporate philosophy is sustainability-oriented. For decades the prevention of negative environmental impact has belonged to our primary objectives - for example through the efficient use of raw materials, auxiliaries, energy and water as well as the avoidance of emissions and the relieving of landfill space - has belonged to our primary objectives.

Thus we have completely changed our raw material base from cellulose to waste paper. Moreover we have continuously reduced our consumption of water through optimization of circuits and treatment of wastewater. The thermal energy we need is now provided by our new energy efficient and state of the art- gas fired boiler.

Our production residues may be reused in our own plant or in other paper factories as raw materials. Moreover their energy content is used in waste-to-energy facilities.

  • Conversion to 100% post-industrial recycling basis (exeption: special varieties)
  • Installation of a modern surface inspection system
  • Installation of the new compressed air compressor
  • Installation of a modern gas boiler and shutting down of the thermal waste utilization system as well as of the existing gas and oil boiler systems.
  • Certification in accordance with FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody
  • Installation of a new process control system for raw material preparation
  • Installation of a new residual materials treatment plant
  • Installation of a new process control system for the paper machine
  • Installation of a slit-sorting system (commissioning, III. stage)
  • Replacing of the steam-heated drying hood by a gas-heated high-temperature hood (up to 300 °C)
  • Replacing of the glazing cylinder with a 5 m diameter one
  • Installation of a new mechanical wastewater treatment system
  • Construction of a new warehouse for finished goods, fibrous raw materials and machine parts
  • General overhauling of PM I and the pyrolysis system
  • Participation in the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme of the European Union for the first time
  • Extension of the finished goods store
  • Commissioning of the waste heat utilization system
  • Shutting down of the cellulose factory
  • Shutting down and demolition of the two old paper machines
  • Construction of the present paper machine with 470 cm working width
  • Shutting down of the oldest paper machine
  • Renovation of the cellulose factory
  • Construction of a further paper machine
  • Setting up of a cellulose and paper factory with 2 paper machines
  • Purchase of the site of a former smelting works in Kirchhundem-Hofolpe
  • Founding of the firm of Gebr. Grünewald by the brothers Caspar and Franz Grünewald

Our company is located in the centre of Hofolpe in the municipality of Kirchhundem in North Rhine-Westphalia close to the Federal motorways A45 - "Sauerland Line" - and A4