The well-proven grades from Grünewald Paper

The classic qualities are our well-known white and coloured kraft papers with a high opacity and good runnability on converting machines. They have proved themselves for applications in our four sectors of business units, namely service packaging, multilayer, non-food and tabletop over the last decades.

The classic grades are subdivided into the quality groups G and W. The "G" papers are stronger with a lower level of fillers. Accordingly they have better mechanical properties (tensile strength, burst strength etc.) and a higher level of gloss. The "W" grades are softer with a higher filler content. They were developed originally for wax paper and tabletop applications but today represent a cost-efficient alternative for diverse areas of use.

The Brown grade from Grünewald Paper

Since 2013, we have been offering with our natural grade a brown kraft paper that was developed for service packaging, multilayer applications and use in the non-food unit. The new paper grade supplements the well-known classic qualities. Now white, coloured and brown packaging papers can be supplied from under one roof.

Stringent requirements

The basic philosophy of Grünewald Paper also holds good for the new natural grade: All papers satisfy the high requirements under food law for direct contact with moist and greasy foods. Strict monitoring at all stages ensures product reliability and traceability.


As with the classic grade the natural grade is also a sustainable recycled product based on clean, 100 % post-industrial recycled fibres. Critical scrap papers such as newsprint are never used. Consistent process management minimizes the use of energy and water.